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Q: (from Kristy)

Previously, I have attended Microsoft hosted ½ day or full day “Licensing 101” or “Licensing for Partners” training sessions.  Are you still involved in training partners in the MD/DC region?  Are any training sessions like this on track for this summer or fall ?  Other recommendations for similar training (Microsoft Web Training) besides the $1800 course?



At this point Microsoft does not have any Licensing Essentials sessions scheduled. The invite you included is not being offered by Microsoft, but by a partner.

If you are interested in participating on the web, we have a whole series that can be found at:

Under the names:

  • LIC49PAL: Microsoft Licensing Essentials 101: Volume Licensing Foundations
  • LIC50PAL: Microsoft Licensing Essentials 201: Advanced Licensing Programs
  • LIC51PAL: Microsoft Licensing Essentials 101: Server Licensing Programs
  • LIC52PAL: Microsoft Licensing Essentials 201: Virtualization Licensing Programs

Just search for “Licensing Essentials” in the US and they will all appear.



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