Microsoft Wave, it’s not what you think, but I think you’ll be interested

Microsoft Wave


No this isn’t our “Wave 14” 2010 products but in it’s own way it’s just as cool.  Also, you hear about some other companies that seem to get all the “innovation” credit and buzz, but Microsoft spent over $9b last year on research and the results of that is sometimes turned into products or services such as some of these.

In case you hadn’t heard about this, our friends in the UK have put up a new online site to show off the "cool" software and hardware Microsoft develops; including Live Mesh, Photosynth, pptPlex, Songsmith, WorldWide Telescope, AutoCollage, DeepZoom, Tag, Surface, Xbox Project Natal and some Xbox games.  Of course, one of my favs is the Arc mouse (in the hardware tab), if you haven’t seen or tried this little beauty, I would encourage you to do so.  I started using one of these a while back and liked it so much, I talked the powers that be into getting them for give-aways at the OEM/SB events I did last year.  I have given away plenty of these and have never found anyone yet who didn’t like the Arc mouse.  Live Mesh is cool if you regularly need to synch multiple computing devices.  Perhaps you’ll find something else on this site that will become your favorite “recommend”.  Enjoy!!

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