Hosting a Virtualization Event

Q: (from Michael)

I am a gold partner with the Virtualization Solutions competency.

We are working on several server consolidation opportunities and want to enhance our profile in the area as an infrastructure solutions provider by putting together an event.

We are finding that sales cycles for Hyper-V Server Virtualization are very long and a lot of time goes into educating the customer about how the product competes against VMWare.

Having done a number of small scales projects over the past 9 months we are now confident that we can provide mid market customers with larger data centers a solution that is based around Hyper-V.

So we want to organize an event that will bring us new leads and help to educate existing ones while building credibility.

We have never done a Microsoft Event.  So I need help.


Congratulations on your progress and I am more than happy to help with your efforts. There are several resources that you need to be aware of:

Here are some content and messaging resources:

My suggestion is that you reach out to the parties listed above and review the campaign materials. Tags: ,,

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