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Q: (from Alysia)

I met you when you spoke at an event for the Chamber of Commerce late last year.  I briefly announced that we planned to host a Social Media series this year and you were kind enough to mention that a former colleague of yours was very well versed in the subject and may be available to speak at a future event.  I would appreciate it if you would share his information with me so I may reach out to him.  Let me know if you would like additional detail.


Yes, his name is Jeremy Epstein of Never Stop Marketing ( I think he would be a great fit for what you are attempting to communicate to the Chamber members.

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  1. jer979 says:

    Steve-a huge thank you for the recommendation. It means a HUGE deal coming from you.

    Alysia-happy to chat whenever you are ready.

    For more about my speaking, in particular, you can see

    jer979 @

    All the best and thank you again, Steve.

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