I’ve been using SCVMM for a couple of years now and I really appreciate all of the time and effort it has saved me, but it has this annoying quirk and it recently annoyed me enough that I started looking for answers.  What has really gotten under my skin is the fact that SCVMM adds #CLUSTER-INVARIANT# to the notes field in each of my VMs.  You can’t see this addition within SCVMM, but if you look at the settings of a VM within Hyper-V manager, you can see it and it just annoys me.  Why do they need to mess with my notes?

Below is a screen shot from Hyper-V manager. 



Here is a screen shot from SCVMM 2008 R2.  It’s nice enough to hide the #CLUSTER-INVARIANT# from my view.



I bing’d this situation and found the following blog from the virtualization team. 


It makes sense to me because I’m able to make changes to my virtual machines from within SCVMM and outside of SCVMM via Hyper-V manager and even PowerShell.  SCVMM has to have a way of keeping up with changes that are made by these other tools.  I like the fact that I don’t have to use SCVMM to manage my VMs, but I love what SCVMM gives me.

I think I’ll let them continue to modify the notes section of my VMs, it’s a small price to pay (and hidden in SCVMM) for the power and flexibility SCVMM provides. 

Until next time!


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