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Q: (from Matt)

I have a very quick question about the downgrade from Windows 7 Pro to Xp Pro. Would I as an OEM have to take Xp from my stock as well as Windows 7, and give them both to a customer? My client wants to use windows Xp on their network and have the choice to then upgrade to Windows 7 in the future. They are well aware of XP mode in Windows 7 but they do not want impleiment in their organization.


You do not need to take both Windows 7 and Windows XP out of your inventory to execute downgrade rights. Here is the process as I understand it:

  • Sell the customer an OEM version of Windows 7 Professional with their computer
  • Find a copy of Windows XP Pro with a valid activation code (even if it has been used before)
  • Install the Windows XP Pro and use the afore mentioned activation code – but don’t do the automatic activation (since the code was already used)
  • You now have 30 days to contact Microsoft activation via the telephone to request a downgrade
  • You will be asked to provide your Windows 7 Pro activation code and will be given the Windows XP code necessary to complete the activation

Remember, this process needs to be done for each machine being downgraded.

A: (from Rob Wagoner)

I found the following FAQ:


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