Windows 7 & Office 2010 Presentations

Q: (from Mike & Lisa)

We were approached by a group of healthcare office managers that are interested in a 1hr talk at their users group meeting.  They would like an overview on Windows 7 and the new Office products.


Windows 7

Ready-to-Go Campaign materials
Found at under the Sales & Marketing tab
There are five campaigns that include Windows 7, but of those five the “Upgrade the Desktop” and “Optimized Desktop” probably fit your audience the best. Each campaign includes marketing, case studies, handouts, presentations, demo scripts, plus more.

Windows Demo Toolkit
If you need a demonstration Windows 7 image with Office installed, the WDT is made by Microsoft, used by our staff, and is fully configured for both business and consumer demos. It also includes scripts for demonstrating the various Windows 7 features.

Office 2010

Ready-to-Go Campaign materials
For this, I would recommend the “Office 2010 Sneak Peek” or the “Upgrade the Desktop”. There is also a campaign I’ve not looked into which might be a great fit: “Health Electronic Medical Records”

Windows Demo Toolkit
Since it already has the beta of Office 2010 installed

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