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In my introduction to Microsoft MyAnalytics, the new name for Delve Analytics, I talked about how it reinvents productivity through individual empowerment by providing insight into two of the most important factors in personal productivity – how you spend your time, and who you spend it with. In this post, a follow-up to both the blog post and the October 6 community call, I’ll provide a closer look at what’s ahead or MyAnalytics for teams and Workplace Analytics.

Read the introduction to Microsoft MyAnalytics

Watch the October 6 community call about MyAnalytics on demand

MyAnalytics for teams

The personal analytics offered in Microsoft MyAnalytics is part of Office 365 Enterprise E5. Over time, we will expand to team dashboards, and new capabilities will be rolled out that empower teams and workplaces. The next step in the journey is MyAnalytics for teams, providing managers and members of groups with data about how teams spend their time and collaborate. In the coming months there will be a dashboard that lets you compare things like communication styles, employee engagement, and organizational stress.

imageOrganizational stress on teams and groups can be measured by things like the amount of work done after hours, whether you have conflicting meetings on your calendar, or several meetings that are scheduled the same day. Using the Office Graph, big data, and behavioral analytics, teams gain insights and can use collective action to change norms and identify ways to improve their performance.

Imagine a group of people who are trying to effect change. They have a “feeling" that they are participating in a recurring meeting that’s not effective. MyAnalytics for teams could provide them with objective data to confirm that feeling, data from that meeting that indicates behaviors like a high level of multitasking, managerial redundancy, and the meeting not following an ideal duration.

With these kinds of insights readily available through MyAnalytics, groups will have the opportunity to make decisions about using their time efficiently and effectively.

Workplace Analytics

If you think about personal and team analytics as effecting change from the bottom up, workplace analytics is the idea that change can happen from the top down, and leaders can drive fundamental change in an organization and make it more productive. Later this year, we will be introducing the analytics platform as an API to enable targeted organizational analytics.

I think this is where it starts to get really interesting for partners. There will be tools for analysts that let you take the organizational analytic data and layer that in with data from other line-of-business systems. Think about the insights you could discover by combining a customer’s HR data for more specifics on department or role and then CRM data, taking emails to external recipients and matching them to customer accounts. Then, link that to sales quota attainment. With this dataset that says how time is being spent across a business, you can discover patterns that can be shared with the rest of the organization for better outcomes.

With Workplace Analytics, it’s possible to use data for insights to answer questions like, “What are my top performing sales teams doing differently that the others are not?” or “How can my employees become more engaged?” or “How can we become more efficient overall?” The answers are not one-size-fits-all – they will be different for each of your customers. The partner opportunity is to provide consulting, analysis, and your own IP to drive change or outcomes by helping customers assess and address issues like:

  • Organizational simplification
  • Sales productivity
  • Employee engagement
  • Merger integrations
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Vendor management applications

Customers can sign up to learn more about Workplace Analytics, and may be eligible for the early access program.


Privacy considerations

When I talk to partners about MyAnalytics, there is always concern and questions about privacy. Microsoft is committed to the principle that you own and control your data. No one has access to your organizational data unless your organization explicitly authorizes it. The team-wide benchmarks and summaries are presented in aggregate.

Learn more about the Microsoft commitment to privacy

Details about Office 365 security, privacy, compliance, and transparency

Learn more about MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics

Ignite 2016: Take back your time with MyAnalytics

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Ignite 2016: Help your organization focus on what matters most with Workplace Analytics

Watch this on-demand Ignite 2016 session online

Set up a Microsoft MyAnalytics demo

Microsoft MyAnalytics (Delve Analytics) is available in Office 365 Enterprise E5. Try it yourself – and demo it for customers – on the Microsoft Demos website.

  • Sign in to Microsoft Demos with your MPN credentials
  • Select Tenants > Create > Quick Tenant > Standard Office 365 Demo Content > Next > Next
  • To get the demo script, go to My Demo Resources > Create A New Demo > Filter Tenants on “Delve Analytics” and add the “Delve Personal Analytics Demo Module” > Create Demo

Microsoft Demos website

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