New US SMB Partner Roadshow: Jumpstart your cloud practice with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

The Microsoft US SMB team is going on the road to help SMB partners learn how to add Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to their offerings. Leading Office 365 partners are expanding their cloud practices with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online because they recognize the differentiation, increased revenue, and profitability that it offers them.

With the availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in Open and the CSP program, partners that sell Microsoft cloud-based services like Office 365 and Microsoft Azure to small and mid-size organizations can win additional cloud services business. If you have an Office 365 practice today, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a great way to expand that practice.

In this one-day in-person course, our instructors will help you learn the fundamentals of building a profitable practice with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online; explain how to position and market your practice to gain new customers; and provide you with the next steps to take to capitalize on the opportunity.

Who should attend

Business Decision Makers (Owners, Executive Management, Sales Management, and Marketing Management) within established Office 365 or SharePoint partner organizations that sell into small and mid-sized businesses

Roadshow schedule and registration 



Registration link

November 17

New York, NY                       


November 19

Washington, DC


December 1

Downers Grove, IL


December 8

Cincinnati, OH


December 10 Atlanta, GA


December 15 Mountain View, CA


December 17 Irvine, CA


January 7 Bellevue, WA


January 12 Edina, MN


January 14 Dallas, TX


January 19 Tampa, FL


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