Drumbeat Start – Fresh new Office 365 sales training on demand


Making the sale comes down to a few key factors: recognizing an opportunity (and acting on it), knowing the product (and how to articulate its value), and understanding your customers’ challenges (so you can establish trusted relationships).

Introducing Drumbeat Start sales training on demand

Take your sales to the next level with the new Drumbeat Start level 100 course. By going through this on-demand virtual series, partner sales professionals will learn fundamentals and get insights that help generate Office 365 opportunities, increase Office 365 adoption, and create recurring revenue for their practices.

In four weeks, you will cover nine information-packed courses that you can consume at your own pace. All content has been recently refreshed and includes the following modules:

  • Week 1 – What is Office 365: its economic value to you and to your customers
  • Week 2 – High-energy sales pitch, and how you can handle customer objections effectively
  • Week 3 – In-depth guidance to ease your move to value-added services and support
  • Week 4 – Competitive insight that differentiates Office 365 from the pack

Read the Drumbeat Start announcement on Yammer.

How to get started with Drumbeat Start

To access the new Drumbeat Start on-demand video training, sign in to the website with your MPN membership credentials.


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