Cloud Profitability webcasts: business models and transition plans

 The rise of cloud and hybrid cloud services means that partners with more traditional business models must evolve their businesses. We know partners are concerned about remaining profitable. We now have many examples of companies that have successfully made the transition to new business models that best suit the cloud.

Every Wednesday at 8:30AM Pacific Time, join our cloud experts and guests for a new  Cloud Profitability webcast live, plus take part in real-time Q&A. Throughout the month of April, the focus will be on the partner business models and transition plans.

April focus on business models and transition plans

April 1: Your current business model and operational maturity level as a starting point

Many partners are currently exploring and/or pursuing one or more of the following cloud options: resale vendor-branded cloud, resell white label cloud, build and sell on cloud. This session will kick off the Microsoft Cloud Transition series and will discuss what the general investment/risk/return outcomes for each and ideas to help you decide which to pursue.

April 8: Cloud business options and adoption rate

We’ll discuss how the path to your chosen cloud business model (resale vendor-branded cloud, resell white label cloud, or build and sell on cloud) will be different depending on which business model you are coming from. The three typical partner models include a business that primarily focuses on product resale (ie “VAR” or “reseller”), time and materials services-centric (aka “break fix” or “professional Services”), or Managed Services. This module helps you understand which model you are today, and helps you get ready for the April 15 session.

April 15 – Comparing return on investment and picking an option

Part 3 of of this series will discuss how your ROI may vary depending on  your chosen cloud business model (discussed in the April 1 session) and  your current business model (discussed in the April 8 session), and several other factors. This module will help you understand what to expect in terms of specific risk and return for these business models, to enable your company to make the right choices.

April 22 – Planning your cloud business transition: Strategy

Part 4 of the Microsoft Cloud transition series will touch upon how to plan for your transition across all aspects of your business. The sessions for the next five weeks will encompass 360 degrees of your business. In this session, we will cover two traits that are generally considered Strategic or company-wide. These are foundational traits that influence your entire operation.

April 29 – Planning your cloud business transition: Service

This module is part 5 of the Microsoft Cloud Transition series enables your company’s decision-maker to consider the transition to marketing and selling cloud solutions in your chosen end customer size range.

  • The role of sales, the skills required, and the success metrics for accomplishing the role
  • High level discussion of incentive compensation for selling a wedge-offering and then cross-selling additional offerings
  • Guidance on these for product/project services-centric and Managed Services-centric business models


Catch up on previous webcasts

On-demand Cloud Profitability Webcasts can help your team meet this challenge. Each on-demand episode is available to watch on your schedule for no charge. You’ll hear strategies and practical advice from experts and Microsoft partners to help you get in sync with today’s prospects and customers.


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