Upcoming Training: Windows Apportal Design & Development Guidance 101

Register for one of these upcoming partner training sessions to learn more about how to design and develop a Windows Apportal. A Windows Apportal is a Microsoft Windows 8.1 app that can integrate a customer’s entire line of business (LOB) stack into a single, modern, touch-based experience.

Customers use software from many vendors. A single, monolithic application is not realistic or desired. Instead, customers want an “on the glass” integration of line-of-business apps that maintains the value of legacy technology. Windows Apportals are the solution to this need. Best of all, because an Apportal is built out of the OS, everything that runs on Windows runs in a Windows Apportal, including Windows 7 desktop applications, Windows 8 modern apps, and web applications.

Whether you’re a developer or a technical presales role, this course will give you guidance on how to design and develop a fully functional Windows Apportal.


Dates and locations are subject to change.

Course prerequisites 

To get the most out of this course, it is highly recommended that you have a practical understanding of the following technologies. You can brush up on these using the Microsoft Virtual Academy list of on-demand App Development courses:

  • Familiarity with developing Windows 8 applications
  • C#
  • XAML for Windows 8 (or previous experience in any of the XAML-based frameworks)
  • Using the MVVM Pattern in Windows 8
  • Familiarity with Visual Studio, WCF Data Services, and Active Directory

Prior to the course, download these two resources. For access, you will need to sign in with your Microsoft account associated to your MPN membership.

The Windows Apportals partner opportunity

Watch an on-demand recording of our recent webcast for partners about their opportunity with Windows Apportals, explaining the benefits of building and implementing Apportals, including:

  • Easy to sell – you have the opportunity to create value-based pricing models which solve business needs and take advantage of existing legacy infrastructure and non-Microsoft applications
  • Increased margin opportunity
  • Pricing power – there is greater perceived value
  • Cost margin – re-usable code sets, no licensing
  • Organizational architecture – end-to-end workflow requirement drives visibility into more of the customer’s organization, enabling a broader solution sell 
  • CMO/CIO engagement – pitch to Business Decision Makers, but have IT on your side because Apportals provide a fully managed solution
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