Four-week webcast series by David Chappell: Microsoft Azure, Your Customers, Your Future


Microsoft technology experts have partnered with David Chappell from Chappell & Associates to create this four-week series on Microsoft Azure. It’s intended for Systems Integrators who want to understand how this technology may impact your solution offerings; how to go to market with your customers; or how the current cloud trends may provide opportunities to transform your business.

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May 21

The Microsoft Cloud: Components, Competitors, and Customers

With Microsoft Azure and System Center 2012, Microsoft has the broadest, most cohesive private/public cloud story in the industry. But do you understand this story? Can you explain it in a simple way to your customers? In this session, David Chappell provides a high-level, external perspective on the Microsoft private and public cloud.

May 28

Azure for the Enterprise: What and Why

Microsoft Azure provides the right services for enterprises. But what scenarios are most interesting to enterprise leaders, and why? Which of these do most enterprises want to start with, why do they want them, and what are the common objections? In this session, David Chappell walks through these basics, giving you a big-picture introduction to how enterprises are adopting Azure and how you can help them do this.

June 4

Open Source Technologies on Microsoft Azure

This session takes a broad look at the open source offerings that Microsoft Azure provides today and how you may be able to use those open source offerings in your project work for customers. The goal is to give you a big-picture perspective on what the options are and when to use them.

June 11

SI’s in the Cloud Era: Embracing the Future

David Chappell provides his perspective on the current changes that are happening in the industry and how a Systems Integration partner may want to look at new ways to transform their business to meet this changing climate.

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