Windows Azure Today Jump Start

Join us for a week long series of live, interactive sessions from the experts who built Azure that will show you how to start using Windows Azure in your solutions today. In addition to seeing lots of demos and real world examples, you’ll be able to get your questions answered in real time Q&A.

Scott Guthrie, Azure Guru and Microsoft Corporate Vice President, will kick off the week on Monday January 27 by building a real world application from scratch, end to end, to show you the latest capabilities of Azure.

Then each day, we’ll have deep dive sessions led by Microsoft’s top cloud platform development experts, including Scott Hanselman, Scott Hunter, Marc Mercuri, Cheryl McGuire, and Miranda Luna.

Get Started with Windows Azure Today Jump Start

Overview Day, Monday January 27

Join Scott Guthrie, Azure guru and Microsoft Corporate Vice President, as he walks you through Windows Azure and provides an overview of what it offers. Then, get insights from Scott Hanselman, Microsoft Principal Program Manager Lead, as he offers a candid, real-world survey of the platform, filled with tips, tricks, and opinions.

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