Microsoft is announcing the latest updates to Windows Intune

Microsoft is announcing the latest updates to Windows Intune. These updates will automatically be enabled in Windows Intune and customers should expect to see the updates rollout by early February. In addition, Microsoft will disclose details on the Windows Intune product roadmap. 

Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise communications is utilizing this news milestone to drive education around Microsoft’s broader unique people-centric IT solutions and strategy.

Specific updates being made to Windows Intune include:

    • Adding additional MDM capabilities, including:
      • Ability for administrator to configure email profiles with the ability to remove that profile and related email via a remote wipe if needed.
      • Support for new data protection configuration settings in iOS 7
        • Allow access to control center without unlocking the device.
        • Allow access to the notifications view without unlocking the device.
        • Allow access to the today view without unlocking the device.
        • Allow a fingerprint to unlock the device.
        • Allow corporate documents to be viewed in any app.
        • Allow any document to be viewed in corporate apps.
      • Ability for the administrator to remotely lock the device if it is lost or stolen, and reset the password if the user forgets it.
    • We are also providing the flexibility for organizations to choose to manage mobile devices – including Windows and Windows Phone, iOS, and Android – completely in the cloud through Windows Intune without requiring the integration with System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager.  

Specific product roadmap scenarios, which will become available later this year include:

    • Providing conditional access to Exchange email inboxes depending on if the device is managed
    • Ability for administrators to do a bulk enrollment of mobile devices, specifically useful for devices not used by a single user or knowledge worker, including kiosks, student devices, or those used in retail.  
    • Ability to set policy on which apps will be allowed to run on mobile devices (app whitelist/blacklist)
    • URL filtering to manage which web sites mobile devices can access
    • Ability to “wrap” policy around applications, giving administrators the ability to define how an application interacts with data and block undesirable functions such as cut and paste to other apps.

In addition, beginning April 1, Windows Intune will be included in the Open License Program. This allows the product to be subscribed to by solution providers on behalf of their customers, making it easier to offer Windows Intune with additional management services.

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