How Sales and Pre-Sales Technical Accreditations Benefit You and Your Business

imageThe Microsoft Partner Network Sales Skills Excellence program provides the training and resources you need to strengthen your selling skills, achieve sales goals, stand out from competitors, and promote your expertise.

Earning your accreditation will not only help you increase deal size, close sales faster, and deliver better value demonstrations, it can help your company achieve Microsoft competencies (details on our Prepare to pass assessments web page).image

Partners with Microsoft trained sales teams can:

  • Realize up to 2.4 times higher revenue
  • Enjoy up to 3.5 times larger deal sizes (source: Microsoft internal study, 2011)

Watch our one-minute video about partner sales accreditations to learn more about the power of sales and and pre-sales technical credentials.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    For example, CRM can be applied to many scenarios. But ERP isn't quite the same.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I've done all of them except the BI Pre-Sales. I love the work the new team is doing to modernize the format but they need to update the MBS content stuff(CRM & ERP). ERP needs a format like the Microsoft Sale Licensing format here,  

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