Experience Toronto for Three at WPC Sweepstakes!!!

WPC 2012 is fast approaching and we’re sure you are already putting together your game plan for attending.  To make sure you get the most out of your trip, the WPC U.S. Team wants to send an additional member of your team to WPC, for free!

When you register two people, you’re automatically entered to win a free WPC all access conference pass.  Register your first two attendees today and we’ll enter you to win a free WPC Full Conference Pass! Click here to register now!

Triple the networking; triple the celebration with your U.S. Team!  Just imagine the full impact of having three team members in Toronto for WPC 2012! Get Started!


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  1. Alain Comment says:

    We'll (Innofactor Plc) be at the WPC 2012 as well and we can't wait to meet you all …

    And we have something exciting to win as well: A ticket to the EdgeWalk on the CN Tower in Toronto. Very high, exciting and not for everyone. Join the contest here cloud.innofactor.com/cloud-contest

    See you in Toronto

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