How To Demo Office 2010 To Your Customers (TS2)

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J.J. Antequino


I have delivered a number of Office 2010 demos to Microsoft Partners and their customers….  The demo video that I created below is Part 1 in a series where I show some quick highlights of various Office 2010 applications. 

I have found this demo to be very effective when speaking to customers that are using versions of Office 2003 and below…. but Office 2007 users can definitely benefit from knowing what they are missing in 2010.  In this series we will also discuss Google Docs and the compatibility issues that may come up when working with Microsoft Office documents. I’ll also give you a glimpse into Sharepoint Workspace, which I believe is the hidden gem in the Professional Plus SKU.  Finally, I demo a tool which will definitely help your customers feel more comfortable migrating from 2003 to 2010.

Part 1: Setting up the demo environment.  Word 2010 Demo.

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