Not using a Newsletter to keep in touch with customers? Why?

Did you know...

  • Newsletters have four times the readership of a traditional ad (Source: Dartnell Co.)
  • E-mail marketing generates higher Return on Investment (ROI) and outperforms all other direct- marketing channels (Source: Direct Marketing Association)
  • Newsletters are a proven way to help increase your customer sales and grow your business (Source: Vertical Response)


As a busy Microsoft Partner, there are lots of things that you would "like" to do, but you don't always have the "time" to do them!

Customer Newsletters often fall into this category...

Here is a LOW time commitment - NO Cost Newsletter Solution for you to try.

The Local Engagement Team Newsletter Builder (

(If you create / download / use a newsletter BY JUNE 4th, you could win an ASUS NETBOOK!)

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