Central Region LAR Readiness Update – April Edition

Hello Central Region Partners!

The Central Region Managed Partner Team in partnership with the Readiness Team will use this BLOG to post Central Region and National Readiness events and resources.  With so many areas for you to find training opportunities, both in person and on-line, the Central Region Readiness team will provide updates on the readiness efforts happening within the region. Identifying the right resources for enablement is very important to us as we engage with our joint customers. 

*Please find the most recent update of MSFT Partner Readiness and visit the Central Region LAR Readiness Site for more information!

Readiness Focus Areas – Click on these Links


For questions please reach out to your Microsoft LAR Contact.

Region LAR PAM Team:


Top H2 Priorities for Central Region – Enablement Opportunities

  • Keep up with Net New EA Momentum – Customer Targets for EA Agreements and continue to position EAP/ECI Opportunities to your Customers.
  • Maximize ALL of the True Up and EA Add-On Opportunities – Up Sell and Cross Sell Your Customers to help Close the Gap!  Customer Call Down Activity.
  • Keep OTRRR as “Top of Mind”– Rigor and Execution on T-36. Keep Monetizing and Push to Get Renewals in early.  Engage the MSFT Teams Early and Often!
  • New Select Business – Excellent money making opportunity in H2 – Leverage Select Empowerment through
    your MSFT Account Manager.
  • Office 365 Promo – ALL EA Customers are a Targets


Central Region LAR Readiness Opportunities

  • Central Region LAR Sales/Licensing Web Cast Series – Delivered by MSFT Sales SpecialistTeam
    • End of Year Selling Opportunities – Closing Out H2 – April 10th and 15th    
    • Windows Server 2012/Systems Center/ECI– April 24th and 26th
    • H2 Close Out – Selling Opportunities and MSFT Operational Excellence – May 1st and 2nd

*Invitations will be sent through the Central Region LAR PAM Team

**Dates and Topics are subject to change

LAR Enablement Toolkit

Microsoft Sales Data Repository for LAR Partners to help understand product positioning, customer focus and how to make “The Pitch” to our joint customers.

*Available through your Regional LAR PAM



National LAR Readiness Opportunities


FY13 Monthly LAR Sales and Licensing Synch

  6th – SQL Server 2012

  4th – Closing Q4

Licensing Sync Registration

Microsoft Worldwide Events Calendar

  an Event Near You!”

Events Calendar Link

Windows Intune

  and Secure Your PCs & Mobile devices from the Cloud”


  Products and Solutions

  product pages, engineering guidance, trial software downloads, learning
  paths, and much more

  product pages

March Product Training


In-Person Training, Live Webcasts, and Partner Calls

Connect with your local team


April 19

Central Region Partner Call

Microsoft Dynamics

Find classroom training for Dynamics
  products on

April 2

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Enterprise
  Academy - Step 2: Level 200 Industry - Manufacturing

April 9

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Top 10 Demo
  Tools and Tips

April 11

Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client
  Installation and Configuration

April 15

Chalk talk on Development and
  Customization in Dynamics NAV 2013

April 16

Managing multi-forest infrastructure
  using Configuration Manager 2012

April 17

Microsoft Dynamics Road to
  Repeatability Call: April

April 24

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011:
  Implementing Claims-Based Authentication and Internet-Facing Deployment (IFD)

April 24

Microsoft Dynamics
  Marketplace—position your organization to sell today the way people are
  looking to buy today!

April 25

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Update:
  User Interface new features

April 29

Chalk talk on troubleshooting Dynamics
  CRM IFD issues

April 30

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Applications on
  Windows 8 – Best Practices

Microsoft Lync Server


April 8

Practice Accelerator for Microsoft
  Lync Server 2010 Enterprise Voice

Microsoft Office & Office 365


April 4

Office 365 Technical Ignite:
  Introduction to Office 365

April 4

Microsoft Online Services Advisor
  Incentives Call

April 4

Chalk Talk for Office 365 : Plan and
  Configure Hybrid Coexistence

April 9

Microsoft Office 365 Momentum
  Workshop: Office 365 Rich Coexistence with Microsoft Exchange Server

April 15

Practice Accelerator for Microsoft
  Office 365

April 29

Practice Accelerator for Microsoft
  Office 365

Microsoft SharePoint


April 18

Chalk talk on SharePoint Server

April 22

The New App Model in SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SQL Server


April 5

Microsoft SQL Server 2012: AlwaysOn

April 8

Introduction to BIG DATA

April 11

ChalkTalk : Full Text Search Discussion

April 19

Microsoft SQL Server 2012: ColumnStore
  Index Deep Dive

April 22

Practice Accelerator for Business

April 23

The New SharePoint : Overview for IT

Microsoft System Center / Private Cloud


April 8

Practice Accelerator for Datacenter
  Consolidation & Migration

April 15

Practice Accelerator for Optimized

April 22

Practice Accelerator for Datacenter Management

Windows 8


April 4

Windows 8: Controlling Access with

April 9

Windows 8: Lab #5 - Process Lifetime
  Management -C#

April 16

Windows 8: Lab #5 - Process Lifetime
  Management -JavaScript

April 18

Windows 8: Sideloading a Windows 8 App

April 23

Windows 8: Lab #6 - Settings and
  Preferences - C#

April 26

Chalk Talk for Desktop Deployment for
  Windows 8

April 29

Practice Accelerator Flexible
  Workstyle for Windows 8

April 30

Windows 8: Lab # 6: Settings and
  Preferences -JavaScript

Windows Azure


April 10

Connecting a Paas Application to an
  Iaas Application

April 10

Identity and Access Control in the
  Cloud with Windows Azure

April 11

Introduction to Windows Azure Virtual

April 17

Chalk Talk : Q&A on Cost effective
  applications on Azure

April 17

Building and Publishing ASP.NET
  Applications with Windows Azure Web Sites and Visual Studio 2012

April 24

Debugging Applications in Windows

April 25

Introduction to Windows Azure Virtual
  Machines (Linux)

Windows Server 2012


April 9

SMB Samurai Server Webcast Series: Web
  Application Platform

April 29

SMB Samurai Server Webcast Series:
  Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

April 30

How Domain Controller Cloning Works in
  Windows Server 2012



Self-Paced Training and Readiness Resources

Sales and Licensing  Advisors

A single-page, downloadable reference providing
  prescriptive conversational guidance concerning Microsoft products and


Online sales reference guide containing essential baseline
  information of Microsoft products, sales, licensing and services.


Provides comprehensive, up-to-date product and licensing
  information to help simplify the creation of customized quote generation



  • Important Readiness Resources

Training Hot Sheet  – “U.S. Partner Training Hot Sheet – March 2013”

United States MS Partner Network – “Partner Learning Center” - On the first and third Friday of each
  month, the U.S. Partner Team delivers a newsletter for U.S.-based members of
  the Microsoft Partner Network.

Microsoft Learning Plans/Stay Informed – ”How to Stay Informed as a Microsoft U.S. Partner:
  Email, Online, Social Media, and Blogs”  

Partner Quick Reference Stay Informed“No-cost and
  low-cost options for training yourself and your organization about Microsoft
  products and technologies”

MSFT Product Launch – “How to Prepare for Upcoming Microsoft Product Releases”

  Specialist + Tech Pre-sales

Technical Sales Specialist site now
  includes BI, Communications, CRM, ERP and Private Cloud/Virtualization

  Partner Learning Portal

“Features product-related content,
  Connects partners to membership and support, and Provides timely
  business-building opportunities”




  • Microsoft Partner Network Self-Paced Training Options

Microsoft Products

Training Title - Link



Microsoft Licensing


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Courses and


Microsoft dynamics CRM 2011

Opening Keynote:
  Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference 2011


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

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