July 2012 Recommendations

Each month, your first-Friday delivery of the U.S. partner newsletter, emailed to you as a benefit of your Microsoft Partner Network membership, contains a list of our recommendations for U.S. SMB partners located in the Central Region. We also use this list to update our Central Region page on the U.S. partner portal.

This week, the Central Region team is in Toronto at the 2012 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, and there will be many announcements that are relevant to all members of the Microsoft Partner Network. We have put together a resource slide for both WPC attendees and those of you not in Toronto with us (we wish you were, though!). Learn more about each slide and how to access it below.

To read the July 6 issue of the U.S. partner newsletter, visit the U.S. Partner Team blog post. Role-based training recommendations in this issue are for Windows Azure and Microsoft Exchange.

imageWPC Attendee Resource Slide – Download this slide if you are at WPC to stay informed about the various activities and opportunities available to you at the Conference (http://docs.com/K7CD). This slide includes links, hashtags, and details about how to build and manage your schedule, activities specifically for U.S. partners (Lounge, Celebration, Track), and information about the U.S. WPC Community. You can even scan the Microsoft Tag with your phone to go directly to the U.S. WPC Community page at https://aka.ms/usatwpc, your online hub throughout the Conference.

imageWPC Non-Attendee Resource Slide – Download this slide if you are not at WPC, but want to watch the Vision Keynotes live online, participate in the conversation on Twitter, follow the conversation on Twitter without signing in, get WPC news from the Microsoft News Center and more (http://docs.com/MBYL).

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