Central Region Managed Partner Award Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of our Managed Partner Awards in the Microsoft U.S. Central Region for July-December 2011. Below you’ll see the categories, descriptions, and winners. Congratulations to all of the companies mentioned below!

Award: Partnering to Succeed
Awarded to the Central Region Managed Partner who demonstrates partnership with a LAR, systems integrator, or other strategic partner. This award goes to the partnership that showcases the Microsoft technology stack to win an opportunity and licensing agreement.
Winner: RBA Consulting (with KnowledgeLake, K2, and Metalogix)
Partner Account Manager – Charlie McCoy

Award: Compete to Win
This award recognizes key competitive wins achieved by a partner. Winning Partner must demonstrate a customer win in a compete situation or show displaced existing non- Microsoft Technology in favor of Microsoft technology.
Winner: Sparkhound
Partner Account Manager - Grant Goodyear

Award: Cloud Power
The recipient of this award demonstrates strategic wins in cloud services: Microsoft Online Services customer adds, application development, and private cloud. Customer must have purchased or currently be deploying the technology.
Winner: RBA Consulting
Partner Account Manager: Kimberly Neu

Award: Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
This award goes to the Central Region Managed Partner that demonstrates outstanding customer loyalty through high customer satisfaction ratings and robust marketing and PR engines.
Winner: SWC Technology Partners
Partner Account Manager: Tanya Cwiakala

Award: New Enterprise Agreements Large Account Reseller (LAR)
This award recognizes the LAR who has demonstrated top performance in specific areas, and has a proven ability and commitment to partner with Microsoft on key revenue and scorecard initiatives. The LAR has also shown its ability to position the value of the Enterprise Agreement.
Winner: Software One
Partner Account Manager: Ed Citro

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