Economics of the Cloud webcast

We just completed the recording of “Economics of the Cloud”  webcast.  


Microsoft‘s Corporate Strategy Group has done some deep analysis on the cloud disruption to clarify its future direction. While their work usually stays internal, because of the significance of the cloud disruption, Microsoft decided to share some of the key  insights in a paper entitled "Economics of the Cloud".   This paper argues that:

1) Cloud is not just a technology disruption, it’s a disruption of the economics of IT

2) Cloud economies of scale are much stronger than commonly thought and will play a critical role in shaping the IT landscape.

3) The long-term cost advantage of public cloud over an average size private cloud is ~10x or more. This, combined with dramatically better agility,  will drive customers to overcome technical and emotional barriers and adopt public cloud en masse over time

4) Cloud will result in significant growth opportunities but will also require partners to reexamine their role in the value chain as cloud will commoditize activities lower in the stack, while placing greater value on activities further  up the stack

Here is the link that has been created to access this recording:

Scott Akin- Regional Enablement Director

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