Marketing Plan – create it, update it, execute!


It is that time of year again….  That's right here come the incentives, Ready-To-Go's, and Blitz Campaigns.  These are great tools, but if you aren't ready to really execute you won't get what you are looking for: Leads, Deals, Dollars. 


If you really want to take advantage of the tools in market you should align them with your broader marketing plan and go big!  Here are a few examples:


Big Fall Events - Many resellers run their largest events of the year in the Fall, i.e., vendor fairs, golf events, etc.  If you have one of these coming up you may want to consider a few of the Ready-To-Go Services.   The Success Story and Case Study Development services could help you put together great collateral.  The Social Media Starter could get you ready to build a buzz around your event and keep the connections going long after.  Finally, the contact list tools could help your grow your target base and have a great turnout with qualified targets. Ready-To-Go Services:


Windows 7 and Office 2010 - If you are finding that your firm is selling and deploying more Windows 7 and Office, tell your story.  Use the Upgrade the Desktop campaign to build relevant collateral for your newsletter.  Send a customer story out to a new contact list purchased through Ready-To-Go services.  Be sure to reach out to all of your existing customers with renewals by using your renewal workbook:


Selling the Cloud - Many resellers are starting to build their Cloud strategy.  The Cloud Ready-To-Go is up and running and full of great content.  If you have other events planned, add a small cloud component to start to gather intelligence around how your message is landing.  Something as simple at the "All In" messaging can get the conversation going.  You can also start to build cloud awareness into your existing website by adding a cloud landing page.  Finally, take a look at your Insight Tool to see which of your existing customers may be great cloud candidates.


Again, this is the time to take a look at all of the tools and build them into your plan. 


Good Luck and Good Selling…









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