Heartland VAR Summit – Q&A Topics Plus – Webcast Announced!


A huge thank you to all who attended a Heartland Area VAR Summit in March.  We had great turnout in all cities, especially in Grand Rapids and Louisville.  Thank you!


If you missed the VAR Summit, we are going to do a repeat via webcast on 4/20 at 10:30 (EST).  If you attended and thought that it was valuable, please pass this to a coworker.  Please register here:




As discussed, I have taken the Q&A topics that came up in multiple cities and have posted a follow-up below.  


Looking forward to seeing you on the webcast…




Q&A Topics


  • Big Easy -  Can you get Big Easy credit for reoccurring SA payments?
    • This was a popular question.   Big Easy is for net new only.  That can be for a new agreement.  Also if a customer adds net new licenses at Y1 or Y2 to an existing OV agreement, those additional net new licenses are eligible for Big Easy.


  • VLSC tips & tricks
    • The VLSC sites, tools, and processes are continually improving.  The best way to stay on top of the VLSC is to utilize the Resource Page.  For example, if you go there today you will see updates for April.  https://partner.microsoft.com/global/40046574


  • How do I get internal BPOS seats and what do they cost? 
    • Go to www.quickstartonlineservices.com. This is where you can go to get started will all things BPOS.
    • In the news list you will see a nice grid that explains the pricing for partners in year one and then the sales requirements to keep the 250 free seats in subsequent years. 



  • How do I get a Skydrive?
    • Go to skydrive.live.com and follow the instructions for a new or existing Live ID.


  • How do I prepare for and keep up with the changes to the MPN?
    • The March 17th webcast landed right in the middle of our summit series.  You can catch it on demand at the link below.  You can also download the Q&A doc. 




  • Where can I get the slides?
    • Here are the slides for the VAR Summit series and those for the Quarterly Partner Briefing series.


https://partner.microsoft.com/us/40135551              Spring Partner Briefing Series Presentation

https://partner.microsoft.com/us/40135552              FY10 Spring VAR Summit Presentation Part 1

https://partner.microsoft.com/us/40135553              FY10 Spring VAR Summit Presentation Part 2

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