I keep getting the same muffin-eater at my event!

I keep getting the same muffin-eater at my event!  I hear that comment all the time from partners.  How can you drive more people to your event?  I have already promoted the idea of working with other partners.  Today’s BLOG is about messaging.


Research tells us that customers must see messages about seven times to really “see” your message.  You need to create a marketing campaign to make sure your message will reach your prospects & customers.  Microsoft’s Local Engagement Team can help you cut thru the clutter and stand out.  


As you can imagine, Microsoft has done a ton of research on this issue, too.  As a result of this research, the Local Engagement Team was born.  We have taken the guess work out of communication.  And while many of you are already using the Ready-To-Go campaigns, we heard we needed more for the Small & Medium sized business crowd. 


Solution-focused Campaigns!  This is a relatively new concept at Microsoft.  Instead of leading with messages such as SharePoint, or SQL Server or Virtualization – the Local Engagement team leads with campaigns like:

·        Is your IT working for you, or are you working for it?

·        Business from the Bleachers

·        My 5th grader has a better website than you!


Funny stuff, I know.  But this is how small and medium sized businesses buy.  They have specific pain points, and these solutions address their needs.  90% of sales is education.  You are educating your prospects to become your customers.  And you do this by solving their business needs.  And the Local Engagement Team can help.  Visit www.mslocalpartner.com and view our nine marketing campaigns.  We have everything you will need to create a comprehensive campaign so you prospects can become your customers. 


I am a marketer, too.  Here is what I would use at a minimum to drive awareness of your event:

1.      Flyer promoting your event – hang it in your office or at your local chamber

2.      Invitation Email – send this out to everyone in your database

3.      Save the Date Postcard – send this out to select people you really want at your event

4.      Invitation letter – have your CEO send this out to the folks you absolutely want at your event

5.      Telemarketing Script – have you sales folks promote this to the people they are talking to via the phone

6.      Reminder Email – send this out 2 weeks before the event

7.      Follow-up email – for those who attended (and a second flavor for those who couldn’t make it)


There is a lot of other info there – from presentations, to surveys, to print ads.  All will help create and execute a comprehensive marketing campaign.  It will make you look professional and relevant – and help drive more people to your event. 



John LaLonde

Microsoft Local Engagement Team, North Central


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