Lead When Things Get Tough…Business Readiness series

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I always enjoy our Business Readiness and this series really struck a chord with me given the economic times. 

Business Readiness Skills: Leadership in a Tough Economy

This series of web seminars will provide you the insight and skills you need to put your natural leadership talent into practical action during this tough economy.

Session 1: Sharpening your most valuable Asset. This session will explore how a difficult economy is the perfect opportunity to analyze your staff, make necessary adjustments, grow employee skills, and “shuffle the deck” if necessary.

Session 2: Investing in the future by developing the next generation of leaders. This session will cover the challenging yet surprisingly simple method of developing leaders in your own organization.

Sessions 3 & 4: Creating predictable revenue. These two sessions will teach you how to turn your pipeline and forecast discussions into true business management analysis. We will provide you insight into warning signs that appear long before the revenue dries up and give you tips on what to do about them.
Please let me know what you think about the sessions.
Good Selling,
Scott Akin
Regional Enablement Director

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