Re-enrollment made easy…

Many of our partners will be re-enrolling in Q1 CY 2010.  It’s easy to find out if you are one of them.  Here are some steps that many of us at Microsoft are trying to communicate to our partners:


·        Sign In to the partner portal ( with your Windows Live ID.

·        Click the “View Your Membership Account” bar at the top of the page, and you’ll see a quick summary of your membership information, including your company’s Membership Expiration date and the name of the Program Administrator.


The Program Administrator is the person in your company authorized to update your organization’s profile and complete re-enrollment.


·        Program Administrator:

o   Visit the re-enrollment page on the partner portal at for online step-by-step guidance.

o   Visit the Partner Membership Center  ( to review messages and guidance about any requirements to be fulfilled for your company’s re-enrollment.

o   Contact our MPN Experts, who can provide coaching on the easiest way to complete the re-enrollment process.  By phone at 877.254.6825 or by e-mail at

o   Review and update your company’s Organizational Profile ( in the Partner Membership Center and ensure the information accurately reflects your current business model, customer segments served, products focus, etc. We use these data to help deliver relevant communications about membership, benefits, and opportunities.

·        Other Roles:

o   If your company is a Gold Certified or Certified Partner, you can see your company’s performance in the Partner Dashboard (

o   Review and manage your Individual Profile ( to set your primary Job Role and submit your Microsoft Certified Professional credentials.


·        Trouble accessing your account on the Partner Membership Center ( Contact the Regional Service Center by phone at 1-800-MPN-SOLVE or e-mail at

·        Registered Member exploring whether to become Certified or Gold Certified? The MPN Experts offer competency consultation as well as re-enrollment guidance. Contact them by phone at 877.254.6825 or by e-mail at

·        Self-help re-enrollment guidance on the partner portal at


I hope this helps.


Scott Akin

Regional Enablement Director



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