Looking for a Solution to Selling…?

I continue to hear partners asking for ‘solution sales’ training and other non-product specific sales training.


As a result of your input, we have developed a popular destination within the Learning Plan Tool (www.microsoftlearningplans.com) called Business Readiness.  Over the past year, we have been compiling some great training to build sales acumen.  This is not product specific but instead touches on key aspects that make up strong sellers.


I have blogged about the Learning Plan Tool before.  As a refresher the Learning Plan Tool is: A FREE tool that dynamically builds prescriptive learning plans of recommended training searchable by Specialization, Product, Role, Exam, Business Readiness, and Licensing.


Check out the Business Readiness plans under Business Readiness:  The Best of Business Readiness, Business Readiness Sales, Competitive Sales, and Tough Economic Times.

Under Business Readiness Sales: Negotiations, Presentation Skills, Prospecting, and Sales Management.

Each one of these plans has multiple trainings to select from such that you can customize the plan.


As always, I am eager to hear your feedback.


Good Selling!

Scott Akin

Regional Enablement Director




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