Need Guidance on Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Surveys?



We have been communicating this new requirement for some time, but understand that we may not have been that effective in our efforts.  We encourage you to meet this requirement as quickly as possible – not only to maintain your Gold Certified status – but also to help you make more informed business decisions, discover opportunities for business improvement and benchmark your performance against your peers.


As of November 20, 2009, Gold Certified Partners re-enrolling in the Microsoft Partner Network are required to participate in the CSAT Index.  Partners must receive ten survey responses in the twelve months prior to when they re-enroll - a maximum of eight survey responses can be from the same organization.  Survey responses must be received no later than the 23rd of the month prior to a partner’s anniversary date.  For example, if a partner’s re-enrollment date is January 31 or February 15, they must receive 10 survey responses by January 23.


To get started, sign in to the CSAT Partner Portal at and access the CSAT Index Quick Reference Card at to walk through the simple steps.


If you aren’t able to meet the CSAT Index requirement by your anniversary date, you can re-enroll as a Certified Partner and upgrade to the Gold Certified level after you meet the requirement.


Please contact our Microsoft Partner Network Expert team for coaching on how to meet the CSAT Index requirement.  The Microsoft Partner Network Experts are available at 1-877-254-6825 or


As always, you can reach out to me directly.


Good Selling,

Scott Akin – Regional Enablement Director



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