Learning Plan Tool: Get ‘Ready’ for the New Year!!

Ok, You have heard me time and time again talk and blog about the Learning Plan Tool.  But I keep coming across partners that are new to the tool and their feedback is always the same- positive.  So, I feel compelled to blog about it, again.

Here is a recent quote from a partner..."Great information and above any other benefit – this is the best!  We have needed something like this for years."

So, what is the Learning Plan Tool?

A FREE tool that dynamically builds prescriptive learning plans of recommended training broken out by Specialization, Product, Role, Exam, Business Readiness, and Licensing.

·        Eliminates searching through multiple systems

·        Provides paths to accomplish skills progression from beginner to advanced on all competencies and key products in one view

·        Provides Microsoft Partners with a customized set of training activities consolidated into packages

·        Delivers plans to trainees’ inboxes with active links to attend events

·        Flexible to partner organizational changes with trainees and plan management

So, where do you find the Learning Plan Tool?





Check it out and Get 'Ready' for the New Year!!  Please let me know your feedback!


-Scott Akin

Regional Enablement Director




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