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As a Microsoft Partner you tied to one of the most well known BRANDS in the world, so I thought you’d find this pretty interesting.  It’s definitely food for thought, huh?? How do you leverage your Microsoft partnership to build your marketing plan and drive new business.




Microsoft is the most buzz-worthy brand of 2009 beating Google, Apple, and Amazon


December 14, 2009 - 1:34 P.M.

Microsoft: Buzz king of 2009 beats Google, Apple, and Amazon

     Preston Gralla

    Seeing Through Windows

What was the most "buzzworthy" brand of 2009? According to the firm Zeta Interactive, Microsoft was the year's king of buzz, beating out not just tech brands such as Google, Apple, and Amazon, but other brands including Honda, Nike, and Walmart.

Adweek reports that Microsoft was rated the most buzzworthy brand based on a report for Zeta Interactive by interactive marketing agency Brandweek. Brandweek ranked brands for 2009 "based on the volume and number of online posts (through Facebook, Twitter and blogs), as well as the overall tone (positive, negative) of these conversations." You can see the results of the top 10 buzzworthy brands, in the full article.

Why did Microsoft beat out the competition? According to Adweek:

the tech giant took the No. 1 spot due to aggressive advertising. These marketing efforts include the "Laptop Hunters" ad from agency Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, and a major push ahead of its Bing search engine debut. Bloggers often used terms such as "easy," "efficient" and "better" in their online discussions about Microsoft, said Zeta Interactive CEO Al DiGuido.

So whether you liked the Laptop Hunter ads or hated them, they clearly did their job.


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