If partnering is not part of your marketing strategy, you are turning your back on potential new business


Developing an alliance strategy of co-marketing and co-selling is a smart way to open your business to new communities of prospects that you would not have otherwise had access.  Think about this as a new lead funnel of warn leads.  Yes, I said warm leads, not cold leads – because you automatically have an endorsement from the organization that you are co-marketing with!  


Who is in your existing local network?

1- Are you a member of a local Chamber of Commerce?  Have you ever approached them about conducting a small business focused technical seminar series for members and prospective members?  Have you offered to contribute content to their newsletter or Website?  Have you ever invited them to your events to talk about Chamber membership and in return ask them to promote your event to their membership, and even better, host the event at their office…

2- Have you ever considered conducting a joint marketing program with your accountant,  banker or insurance agent?  Research confirms that these are the trusted advisors within the small business community.  If you are targeting the SMB space, wouldn’t it make sense to join forces on some co-marketing efforts? 



Partnering and co-marketing is the core of what the Local Engagement Team was founded on, and our mission is to help our SMB partners in these efforts.  Check out www.mslocalpartner.com to learn more about the Local Engagement program.  Also, get connected with the Business Development Manager in your area below to discuss who you are currently co-marketing with or who you want to start co-marketing with…


Partnering Resources


Alliances:  Tap into Microsoft national alliances such as Comcast, AT&T, FEDEX Office and more…  

Local Business Community Organizations (LBCO’s):  (Local Chambers, Small Business Development Centers, ect…)   Chamber of Commerce, SCORE, Small Business Development Centers , Womens Business Centers

Microsoft Partners:  Connect with other Microsoft partners to create profitable new partnerships, collaborate and build new opportunities.  Microsoft PinPoint

 Local Engagement US Coverage Map  

Midwest < IL, IN, WI >:     

Tracye Foy tfoy@microsoft.com


North Central < MN, KS, MO, ND, SD, IA, NE >:    

John LaLonde jlalonde@microsoft.com


South Central <  TX, LA, AK, OK >:     

Michael Murphy “Murph” micmurph@microsoft.com


Heartland <MI, OH, KY, TN >    

Carl Preston carlpre@microsoft.com

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