3 easy steps to qualify for EVENT marketing support through the Local Engagement Team

1.  Plan a customer / lead generation event

2.  Feature any Microsoft product

3.  Do at least 1 of the following:


Ø  Team up and co – market / co-present with a Local Business Community Organization  (any organization whose charter is to move SMB’s forward)  EX:  Chambers, Small Business Development Centers, Professional Associations


Ø  Team up and co – market / co-present with a Local Alliance Partner (any local business with a complimentary business offering to yours)  EX:  Comcast, AT&T, your CPA, local print shop, marketing agency, ect…


Ø  Use content from 1 of the 9 solution focused campaigns located on www.mslocalpartner.com   For a campaign messaging overview, check out the –  How to Choose a Theme pdf to review which products align to each of the 9 campaigns.



To qualify, contact your Local Engagement Business Development Manager with your event details!


Midwest < IL, IN, WI >:     

Tracye Foy tfoy@microsoft.com


North Central < MN, KS, MO, ND, SD, IA, NE >:    

John LaLonde jlalonde@microsoft.com


South Central <  TX, LA, AK, OK >:     

Michael Murphy “Murph” micmurph@microsoft.com


Heartland <MI, OH, KY, TN >    

Carl Preston carlpre@microsoft.com


Local Engagement US Coverage Map



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