How should social media fit into your marketing plan?

Are you as confused as I am?  We know it's a new world when you can update your Facebook status from the car as your eating that ice cream cone from DQ, but what about using Social Media as a tool to find new customers, nurture the relationships you have? 

Let us help you demystify and understand how you can use Social Media as another tool in your marketing tool kit.  We've got resident expert- Jeremy Epstein (former Microsoftie), owner/founder of Never Stop Marketing, joining us for this Friday's Partner Marketing Call.  Learn a bit about Jeremy here.

Jeremy joins us to share with you how Microsoft Partners just like you have leveraged Social Marketing to increase sales. Jeremy is a thought leader in the Social Media space.  His WPC Presentation was the 3rd highest ranked session at this year’s Partner Conference.

The call is this Friday at 10AM CST,  Register Now!


See ya Friday!



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