The New Microsoft Partner Network

At our WW partner conference in July, we introduced the Microsoft Partner Network, a community born from our continued commitment to serve the needs of our partners and help them reach their full potential. 

Today, our partners and industry analysts alike rate the Microsoft partner program as one of the best in the industry. However, we knew it could be made even better.   Our vision for the Partner Network is simple, and it centers on the “three c’s”: 

  • Capabilities – We heard your feedback; it’s become too easy to attain Gold and it’s becoming harder to tell your customers why you are different than another Microsoft partner.  We address this in MPN.

  • Customers – We heard your feedback; the Microsoft partner program is too focused on the relationship with Microsoft; customers aren’t paying attention to competencies and specializations.  We address this in MPN.

  • Communities – We heard your feedback; you enjoy opportunities to connect with other partners that spark innovation and build real business together.  We address this in MPN.

The Microsoft Partner Program has evolved. We’re proud to introduce the Microsoft Partner Network, a community born from our continued commitment to serve the needs of our partners and to help them reach their full potential. We believe the Microsoft advantage shines through the success of partners like you.

  After reviewing the changes that are being introduced as part of the rollout of the Microsoft Partner Network, we opted to categorize them into four key areas:

  • 1) CSAT Index Requirements

  • 2) Competency & Specialization Changes

  • 3) Model Transition (Gold/Cert Points ModelàCompetency-Based Model)

  • 4) Visual Identity & Branding Changes

 The Microsoft Partner Network has a place for all partners.  Starting in October 2010 – the Microsoft Partner Network has 4 ways you can participate.


Community and Quick Starts: All members of the MPN are part of our community – our foundation. The goal is to engage both existing & new partners via listening /participating/engaging in communities online including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. We are still designing this space so stay tuned for more information to come in the future.


As a member of the MPN you can then choose to have a deeper relationship with Microsoft.  You should pick the opportunity that best meets your business needs


Subscriber: With subscriptions, startup companies, small business, and new partners can develop their business & seek opportunities with the support of the Microsoft Partner Network. Like today, these are partners opting for MAPs, Empower and BizSpark subscription will have access to a deeper set of benefits.  More subscription offerings may be added in the future to attract partners and develop engagement.


Competency Partner: Competencies help businesses demonstrate their expertise by aligning to business needs, making your certification recognizable to prospective customers. Competencies will adjust to be aligned with how customers go to market and Marketing Campaigns.  In the Microsoft Partner Network there is a wide arrange of competencies available…30 total all aligned to customer demands.


Advanced Competency Partner: Advanced Competencies will allow Partners with deeper levels of expertise to differentiate this in the marketplace with a specific brand. In October 2010, partners eligible for advanced competencies will showcase ‘best-in-class’ solutions that went through a rigorous and auditable approval process to demonstrate customer value.


We welcome continued feedback from our partners and customers.  As always reach out to us if you have any questions or wish to discuss further.



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