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I’m sitting in a hotel room in Iowa the night before a partner event and I got to thinking about all the great things that are happening in FY10. I get the sense that this is going to be an amazing year for Microsoft’s partners and our customers, and potentially the whole world as we work to retreat from the global recession that has hindered our growth for the past 12-18 months.   I realize that things will take awhile to turn around, but there is a lot of positive momentum out there.  I see it and I am hearing it during my conversations with partners all over North Central Area.  Right now you have an opportunity to make it even better…


September was a really busy month and you have been hearing a lot about Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, Exchange 2010 and Office 2010.  In addition to that we are also right in the midst of one of our most important charges right now and that is the Global Relationship Survey. 


This is your chance to tell us what’s going well and where we can improve.  This is a very high priority for me and everyone in Central Region.  As a result of your previous feedback:

·         You have given us ideas on ways to better connect and communicate with our Managed Partners and Customers

  • As our sales channel, you have helped us to understand whether we are successfully positioning how our solutions are relevant to customers

  • Your feedback has helped us to develop a collaborative approach to doing business with our Managed Partners and Customers

  • With your guidance, we have done a better job of setting the right frequency and rhythm  with our Managed Partners

  • You have confirmed that we are providing appropriate guidance to the Managed Partner’s business

Hopefully by now YOU have identified a theme in the results…

It’s all about YOU!  We are listening, we want to get better and we can’t do it without your guidance. 

Please, consider how important your Microsoft practice is to your business and set aside 20 minutes this week to complete the survey. 

I am going to commit to closing out each of my blogs with an inspirational and motivating quote.  This one is my own, personal quote and if you apply to your life every day, you will be very surprised at how much you will get done.

“Do it now!”  - Lisa Hughes

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