Partner asks: "TPAM, where do I get started with Windows 7…"

Working with TPAMs and Distributors every day, I get to hear common questions. Here is a one:    A partner this morning asked their TPAM how to get the most out of the Windows 7 launch since there is so much interest. Check out the TPAM’s response here…   If you want to leverage this Windows…


Stop Cold Calling & Start Breaking Down Doors with Creative Strategies!

In my 20-year sales career, I’ve been challenged with that excruciating prospect of picking up the phone and cold calling or telemarketing for new business.  You have about 20 seconds to gain someone’s attention.  And that was back about 15 years ago for me.  Things have changed big time with the advent of email and…



have you heard? The Microsoft Big Easy Partner Subsidy is coming back for two months! check out the webcast to launch big easy — 


It’s the Launch you’ve all been waiting for!

Midwest Area Partner,   Today we launched Windows 7, Windows Server R2 and Exchange 2010! It’s a big day for Microsoft and our Partners! The upside for our Partners is incredible. Windows 7 gives users the ability to be productive anywhere, reduce risks through advanced security and control and streamline PC management. Windows Server R2…


Planning a Windows 7 Launch Event of your own, let us help.

Hey Partners- What a day!! I just watched Steve B. with Matt Lauer on the Today Show discussing the Launch of Windows 7,  it was a cool showcase of the great new OS launching today! Are you planning to leverage the momentum from today’s launch buzz to drive marketing activity for your business?  Check out these offers…


Early Bird Gets the Worm!

A little birdie told me about a big promotion that’s launching VERY soon! Want to be the first to find out what it is? 1.       Follow Us on Twitter- the big announcement is Friday 10-23. Visit and follow us to hear the news. 2.       Feel free to forward this message and encourage your colleagues to…


How should social media fit into your marketing plan?

Are you as confused as I am?  We know it’s a new world when you can update your Facebook status from the car as your eating that ice cream cone from DQ, but what about using Social Media as a tool to find new customers, nurture the relationships you have?  Let us help you demystify and understand how…


The New Microsoft Partner Network

At our WW partner conference in July, we introduced the Microsoft Partner Network, a community born from our continued commitment to serve the needs of our partners and help them reach their full potential.  Today, our partners and industry analysts alike rate the Microsoft partner program as one of the best in the industry. However,…


Join us for the Monthly Partner Call this Friday!

My last post mentioned a few of my top picks for staying connected to the CR Partner team and as you have it, one of those top picks is coming up this Friday. The Central Region Monthly Partner Call is one of our primary vehicles for sharing with you business priorities and key resources around…