Top 10 Ways to leverage the "Launch".

Get Ready:

1.       Loadfests: Register for WIN 7 Loadfests in your Area, to learn tips and get a free copy of NFR WIN 7 Ultimate, register here.

2.       Digital Launch: Listen to the digital launch by Steveb on SEPT 29th, 9:00am PDT.

3.       Objections?  Visit to learn more about getting ready for Windows 7

4.       Stay current via training from the Partner Learning Center at:

5.       Exchange Code: RC is available and downloadable today. Customers can download the RC bits here.

Get Set (Build Pipeline):

6.  Do an event or campaign: Host a Sneak peak event and do a RTGM campaign (you can even get up to a $500 refund until 12/31/09),  check out this site for more information.

7.  Sponsorship: There are some sponsorship opportunities available for our SMB partners, starting at $1,500.  Visit Launch Central for details.

8.  Web Syndication: Subscribe to Windows 7 Web Syndication, a free service that is just launching and keeps your partners’ website populated with the latest information for their customers.  Visit Launch Central for more information.

9.  Launch In a Box: The first 1,000 partners to Register a customer event (event date must be between 10/12/09 – 2/1/10) are eligible to receive their own Launch-in-a-Box kit that includes plenty of giveaways for attendees

Go Sell:

10.  Leverage Offers: Use offers and VAR Rebate to increase sales velocity, and improve margins


Good Selling!


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