Calling all GOLD Certified partners ready for re-enrollment…

Are you a GOLD Certified Partner?

·         As of November 20, 2009, all Gold Certified partners must participate in at least one CSAT Index survey prior to re-enrolling in the Microsoft Partner Network.  Partners need to receive 10 survey responses, however, eight can be from the same customer organization.  There are four survey periods each year in which partners can participate.  All responses must be received during the same survey period.  The survey period just prior to a partner’s anniversary date is the last opportunity for them to participate and meet their re-enrollment requirement.

·         To launch your surveys:

1.       Sign in to the CSAT Index portalPartners must be logged in to complete their CSAT Index requirement.

2.       View the survey schedule.

3.       Use the CSAT Index Quick Reference Card to guide them through the simple steps.

4.       Upload the customer list and launch


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