The Big Easy…

Over the last few months that we have been running this promotion I have seen subsidies for as little as $100 but for as much as $13K.  The more product groups the customer purchases from, the more cash they will get back.  Customers have been thrilled to be receiving this amount of money no matter the size.  In some cases the cash back has helped them to make the decision in purchasing now rather than waiting until later.  In addition to the Big Easy some purchase might be eligible for other rebates or incentives per product.  Many of these promotions can be grouped together to give your customer quite a deal.

Here are the details..

Q:  What is the Big Easy?

A:  Money back to your customer's to help them pay you (MS Partner) for additional software, hardware and SERVICES.  See for all the details.

Q:  How does a customer sign up to receive their subsidy check?

A:  Once your customer receives an Agreement ID, Master Agreement Authorization or License Number they will need to redeem at the following link:

Q:  When does this offer from Microsoft expire?

A:  Friday, July 3, 2009

Q:  How far back can my customers redeem their software purchases for subsidies?

A:  Customer's have 30 days from the time of purchase to redeem for their subsidy?

Q:  Where do I find out more about the Terms and Conditions of the Big Easy?


Please reach out to any one of us Partner Community Managers or respond back to this blog post.


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