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Hey Folks-


I just saw this announcement from our World Wide Partner Marketing team and thought, if your reading this blog- chances are you have a facebook account.  The WW Team put together a facebook page dedicated to Seach Engine Marketing that includes some training and foundational info to help you get going.

Here's a bit more about the resource:

"Today, we launched the WW Through Partner Marketing Facebook page. This page, called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Forum, is dedicated to the sharing of knowledge around the topics of website and search engine optimization, as well as paid search. We are sharing a video webinar series titled “How to Generate Leads with Practical Search Engine Marketing”. This video content, produced for Microsoft partners by SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization),  has been broken into short consumable chapters. We hope to generate a lively discussion about this passion of ours."


I've just checked it out and I love that it's short soundbites and is consumable on my time. Don't mind that it says 45 minute webinar- it's broken out into short webcasts by topic.


Happy Learning!


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