1.       Connect with your local and corporate Microsofties.

2.       Product Roadmaps---experience the latest technology and learn how to sell the value to your customers/prospects.

3.       Connect with other synergistic partners to drive business opportunities.   (for e.g. SI’s with LARs and CPLS’)

4.       Build, develop, and execute on FY10 plans.

5.       Training---Develop/Grow your competencies. This year we have a specific breakout session for SI’s, OEM’s, and Digital Agencies.

6.       Gain a better understanding of your customer’s business goals and what investments they need in order to meet those goals.

7.       Learn how Microsoft products can help drive costs out of IT spending and increase efficiency at the same time.

8.       Instead of “saving them money” like every other reseller on the street, show your customer where they are wasting their IT dollars and help them divert those dollars to better solutions that will impact their corporate IT strategy for FY10.

9.   It’s been a rough economic year, this is a chance to re-invigorate, get pumped up and bring some fresh, innovative ideas back to your sales force, not to mention you are helping drive the hard hit economy in New Orleans at the same time.  It’s a win-win all around!

10.  The closing night party and band.... need I say more?


**Posted by Lisa Hughes, North Central PCM.

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