Fellow Marketers.. Check this out…

http://mspartners.marketingprofs.com/   This is one of my go to marketing tools at Microsoft.   It's the Partner Business Network, it's got marketing resources, tips and tricks, and some great webcasts and articles.

Why I like it?  A couple reasons, 1- it gives me new ideas and challenges me to re think some of my fall back strategies.

I just read "How to Make your Website a Lead Generation Machine"

I've been spending a lot of time on our communications strategy for Central Region Partners, (one result -this blog).  I've also been working on keeping our Area and Region Web pages updated so partners know what's happening locally and visibility tools and resources to drive pipeline and revenue.

For anyone out there that has a web page you know how it can be hard to determine the right content, resources, calls to action and don't forget measuring the effectiveness of your web page.  OH YES- you can measure anything, including your web strategy. 

Take a min or 2 to check out the PBN, I guarantee- you won't be disappointed.

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