Example of closing a sale by updating quote using Microsoft incentives

I'm Andy McNulty, Microsoft Partner Community Manager for Midwest Area (IL, IN, WI). What I want to share with you today is a great example of how a pipeline deal that was 'dead' was revitalized using new MS licensing options and incentives and closed by a Partner based in IL. Long story short, a Partner based in the northern suburbs of Chicago who works with one of the Midwest TPAMs (Tele-Partner Account Managers), who we will call Mel, was engaged with a 300 seat customer who wanted to buy Office. The deal first entered the pipeline in September. The two reasons for the customer not pulling the trigger were 1) not enough money to purchase and 2) the company predicted downsizing in the next year of so. There were many attempts to move the sale forward and all failed. Mel engaged the Partner and helped them to requote with Open Value Subscription (OVS) and attached available Microsoft incentives. OVS was a more inexpensive option for the customer that only requires a yearly payment, vs. all payment up front like Open Business. In additon, Mel helped the Partner position the Up-to-date (UTD) discount in which over half of the customer desktoops qualified and saved 50% on their first year payment of Office. Needless to say that was a considerable monetary savings. In addition the Partner added The Big Easy 3.0 incentive money to the deal and the customer recieved $9,000 to spend with the Partner on additional software, services and/or hardware with that Partner. Last, the account was very excited about the True-Down option with OVS which allows them to pay for what they need each year vs. having to commit up front to a number. OVS and the various incentives gave the customer the pricing and flexability that they needed. Once the customer received the new proposal and incentives information from the Partner it took less than two weeks for the deal to close.

 Next steps - become familiar with Open license options, Microsoft Incentives and add to new quotes and re-quote old quotes to close sales!

Click on the following to learn more and close sales! Open Value Subscription, The Big Easy 3.0, Microsoft Incentives Portal

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