So many newsletters so little time…..

So, I hear you get a lot of mail from Microsoft.  I thought I might be able to help you sort, filter and understand some of the mail you receive.


First and foremost, the best way to stay connected to Microsoft and receive the communications most relevant to your company’s business and your role is to maintain your company’s Microsoft Partner Program profile current and confirm that your Job Role is correct.  We do work hard to target our e-mails to the right person at the right partner. Everyone gets the MSPP newsletter, delivered on Mondays, as a benefit of program membership, but there are other partner-related newsletters you may choose to receive, as well as IT-related and customer-related newsletters. You will want to keep your customer profile updated on as well.


I often hear from partners that they want to hear from the local team on local news, activities, events, etc.  I’ve 4 places you can go to get the latest and greatest local news. 

1.       The twice-monthly MSPP newsletter.  Yep- you’ve got it!  I know, it’s a national newsletter, it’s good content, you can find product, offers, incentives, all sorts of good stuff!!  Often, you’ll find your PCM (Partner Community Manager for your respective Sales Area), will have a note in the local news section.

2.       Our Local Bulletins, each sales area has a local bullet that drops 1 time a month.  This bulletin is designed to keep area partners updated on local messages.  We talk about local events, activities, how to connect with other partners locally and we even share some of the national news you may see in MSPP- but give you the local side of it.  Did you know that partners in Midwest Area were paid over $600,000 in Subsidy dollars on the Big Easy in the last to offering periods?  Did you get your share? 

3.       Our Region and Area pages on the Microsoft partner portal.  This is home base, the local marketing team (ok, me) and the area PCM’S (Andy, Brad, Lara and Lisa)- keep this content fresh and updated monthly.  We really hope you find it as a solid resource to stay connected.

4.       Our blog, you’re here, bookmark it, love it, use it… you get the point J


There are a variety of other newsletters and emails you can subscribe to, but from a staying connected at a local level perspective.. I hope this helps!!


Until next week-



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