I have 2 BIG problems…

So – I have two big problems. One – the weather in MN.  Two – getting partners to make that first step with Local Engagement.  And since I am sitting on the deck of a house in Florida – you know I have taken care of problem #1. 


But I can’t escape from problem #2.  I decided to send an email with a call to action.  Select any one of the three ideas below, and I will send you a copy of MS Office Ultimate 2007.   It’s easy.  It’s free.  And best of all – it will help you drive new business in 2009!



Activate Local Engagement Marketing Today and receive a free copy of Microsoft Office 2007!


Microsoft’s Local Engagement Team wants you!  We're an organization of Business Development Managers dedicated to helping our partner community reach more customers and sell more Microsoft solutions.  It’s easy to get started.  Just select one of the actions below!


First:  Visit mslocalpartner.com and syndicate our solutions-focused content.  This site is dedicated to offering our Partner community templates, presentations, post cards, etc.   The campaigns are easily modified to fit your business logo, products and services.  The attached email can be sent out to your customers today.  Copy me (jlalonde@microsoft.com) in the bcc line and you’ll receive a free copy of Microsoft Office to use in your business or to re-sell to your customers.


Second:  Visit www.mslocalwidget.com.  Choose a theme, download the code and install the widget.  (The widget is designed to offer your customers information about the current economy, technology or mobility, starting a new business and more.  Why install the widget?  It’s free and helps drive traffic to your website!  It also offers your customer’s another reason to visit your site by extending pertinent and timely articles that affect small and midsized organizations every day.  It’s a great tool to use to help your customers see you as their trusted advisor and did I mention it’s free?  To see the widget in action visit this website!


Third:  Leverage local connections.  The greatest opportunity to grow revenue is by partnering with complimentary organizations.  Whether it’s another Microsoft partner, your Chamber of Commerce or local bank – Local Engagement can help you reach more customers and sell more Microsoft products and services. 


Just pick one of these three items (or even better, all three).  Activate Local Engagement today!

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