Gearing up for Q4 with Central Region Partner Marketing Resources..

Welcome to the Central Region Partner blog!  My name is Lesley Rubin and I’m a Regional Marketing Manager for the Central Region.  I work with the Partner Community Managers and the TPAM’S (Tele Partner Account Managers), to support VAR'S that sell through the Open Licensing Programs (Open Licensing, Value, Open Value Subscription).  I support the team with marketing campaigns, resources, offers and incentives.  I also manage a good portion of communications to all partners in the region and you’ll hear my voice on the monthly partner call if you attend, which I hope you do, since we talk about all sorts of great ways to get ready for, market, sell, and sustain your Microsoft business.  What else?  I live in Wisconsin.  I’m a tried and true Badger and Packer fan.  I am a remote employee…really remote - I live in Rice Lake, WI.


To kick things off, I’d like to share some common ground: Even for us Microsoft marketers, the Microsoft partner portal is a voluminous, incredibly valuable resource.  So as I blog weekly, I’ll aim to help you get the biggest bang from the portal by sharing my favorite resources.  


My first pick is a high-value campaign called “gamePLAN.  It’s solid solution messaging which you can use to focus on supporting your customers in the state of the current economy and you can customize what messages you use based on your business model.  I especially like its flexibility.   There is a ton of content behind it and you can choose the solutions to feature.  We’ve just added Web Syndication, so partners can pull campaign info onto their website for ‘always on’ content.  More features will continue to be added into the campaign, so keep checking the site.


I hope you’ll let me know what you want to hear in this blog, and how the “gamePLAN” campaign is helping you.  Write me at, and let’s continue the conversation!


‘Til next week,


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  1. Anonymous says:

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