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Welcome to the User State Migration Tool (USMT) team blog!  I am very excited to claim this space on the web for USMT.  I hope that this blog can serve as a place where knowledge can be exchanged between those of us who develop USMT and those who use it to complete migrations.

There are a number of us, from deep inside Microsoft, who will be posting to this space.  The next several posts will cover some common questions that we frequently hear about USMT.  Once those are addressed we will move on to more technical posts that cover trips and tricks on accomplishing certain tasks.  If you ever have any suggestions on a topic for us to cover, please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments.  We will do our best to address it when we can.

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  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    Check it out here. No "real" content yet, just an announcement so far.

  2. samohtrelhe says:

    Hello YOU guys!!!

    I’m SO happy to find you here you won’t believe it 😉

    Within the last month I’ve brushed off an old idea building a real GUI for USMT.

    I’ve rebuilt it for v. 3.01 AND actually downgraded it to VB6 (Yes?? – Well I got reeeeealy bored with installing .net just to be able to run 135K code!!!)

    I have ONE grave problem though!

    When migrating from XP to XP, which according to documentation should also migrate Oulook Express, it doesn’t at all. No mails, contacts or accounts.

    Everything else is exactly as expected and with a Vista as target there’s no problem migrating OE->Windows mail.

    I’ve added my commandline below:

    scanstate C:temp /targetxp /config:C:tempconfig.xml /i:C:tempmigapp.xml /i:C:tempmigsys.xml /i:C:tempmiguser.xml /all /progress:C:DOCUME~1brugerLOKALE~1TempUSMTprog.log /l:C:DOCUME~1brugerLOKALE~1TempUSMTscan.log /o /localonly /c

    Really hope you can find the time since we could use USMT a lot more if this bit worked.

  3. samohtrelhe says:


    I forgot to say that in he default migUser.xml that comes with USMT 3.01 there is a small syntax error.

    in the <locationModfy..> section theres two  



    to begin with. I guess everyone using this figures it out but it could be nice if not everyone has to locate this error by themselves.



  4. samohtrelhe says:


    forgot a link to usmtGui if anyone’s interested




  5. tdolan says:


    Thanks for pointing out the Outlook express issue.  We will see if we can take a look at that.

    The problem you found in MigUser.xml is something that we are aware of, but I really appreciate you pointing it out here as well.



  6. MytonLopez says:

    I am using USMT 4 and trying to run scanstate on an XP machine from a file server and kept getting the following:

    Script file not present: ‘C:WINNTMIGAPP.XML’


    An error occurred processing the command line.

    Unable to find a script file specified by /i

    ScanState return code: 28

    I looked up the error and it says:  

    Verify the location of your script files, and ensure that the command-line options are correct.

    I had used a similar script for USMT 301 and it works and not if I need to add the path or something.  If I use /auto it works but have a custom XML to gather the user’s network printers and would like to keep that in there.  Any help will be appreciated.

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