The End: this blog leaps over to Windows Live Spaces

I’ve decided to move my blog to a new home on Windows Live Spaces. I hope you’ll move with me. My new blog URL is To subscribe to the new RSS feed, simply click this link: Thanks for being with me on TechNet. See you on the other side.

Windows Live Insider Club

Confused by all this new Windows Live stuff? Yeah, me too. There’s a lot of new gadgetry to get our heads around. I discovered an interesting new site at that aims to shed some light on the matter. Those talking bodies are a bit freaky – anyone who says ‘”click me” is just plain…


Windows Live Local – now even better

My regular reader will know how much of a fan I have become of Windows Live Local. While Google Earth was very quick out of the blocks in 2004 after they acquired Keyhole Corp, it’s now looking a bit creaky in comparison to the much improved, if absurdly named, Windows Live Local. The thing I love…


Windows Live Messenger – just launched!

Windows Live Messenger, the brilliant successor to MSN Messenger, is now available for download. This great new product came out of Beta just yesterday and we’ve already notched up more than 2 million downloads in just 36 hours! There are loads of unique features like sharing folders, Live Call which allows you to ring ordinary phones…